About Us

Donna Shields, MS, RDN  & Laura Lagano, MS, RDN, CDN
Co-Founders, Holistic Cannabis Academy

Always ahead of the curve, both Laura & Donna were skilled nutrition communicators years before the current onslaught of media dietitians. Three years ago, they launched the Holistic Cannabis Academy – all about integrating CBD & cannabis for health & wellness. This dynamic duo created an online educational platform about cannabis before its complete acceptance in the US. Forget the cutting edge, Laura & Donna are literally on the bleeding edge!

Having developed curricula ranging for kindergarten to medical schools, Laura has a private integrative nutrition practice that’s all about root cause resolution. Her clients give her rave reviews, taking them from blah to spectacular. She is poised to become one of a handful of dietitians certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

As a cookbook author & former instructor at the Culinary Institute of America, Donna knows her way around a kitchen. She possesses an innate ability to create products and recipes and brought that talent to many Fortune 100 food brands. Writer extraordinaire, Donna brings an element of pizzazz to any project.

Together, Laura & Donna are an incredible team, bringing CBD & cannabis to its rightful place in the toolbox for everyone interested in a holistic approach to healthcare.